About Us

Construction Collections Specialists is different in what we believe, founded on the ideals that collections doesn’t have to be a dirty job.

President of CCS, Debbie Nute, believes that the best collection solution is when both the debtor and the creditor are able to maintain their business relationship through a difficult time. Customers are hard to find and even more difficult to keep, so every effort must be made to resolve debt issues amicably and professionally.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, with thirty years of credit management and collection experience, Nute and her staff stand ready to assist in your collection needs.

We Provide: Service nationwide
Member of the Commercial Law League
Network of attorneys specializing in creditor’s rights
Interactive software to allow our clients to monitor progress

We have the people, tools and commitment necessary to provide a high rate of return on our client’s past due accounts. Call us today and let’s work together to close those delinquent accounts.